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“Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” Brings Forth Questions About a Second Civil War

Recently, the television series, “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” on the History Channel investigated the Civil War Confederate treasury disappearance. In their investigation, they concluded that the treasury was hidden, buried in the ground and clues left by the “Knights Templar”. They followed a gentleman who claims to have found Confederate treasury money over a period of some thirty years. This was interesting in and of itsself, but the question that was more interesting is they theorize that there are still men, decendants of the Knights Templar, who are still protecting the treasury, knowing its exact location, awaiting a second Civil Unrest in the United States.

The Knights Templar began as a group of soldiers, officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church and remaining for at least two centuries, closely tied to the Crusades and some of their most fiersome warriors.  The group was officially disbanded by Pope Clement V, under pressure from King Philip IV of France, due to suspected financial problems the King had and distrust due to the Knights Templar secret meetings and induction ceremonies. Over the next several centuries, Knights Templar rose and fell to power, and other organizations adopted the name as their own, one such group closely tied is the Freemasons. Many of the United States most powerful and political men are part of the Freemasons, a fraternal organization whose rituals and ceremonies closely relate to the Knights Templar, and often the two names are often confused and intertwined together.

Many of the top leaders for the Confederacy were part of the Masonic rite. Often times, photos will arise of Generals, Presidents, and other important men with their hand tucked into their jackets, much like Napoleon was photographed so often. This has been rumored to be a symbol of members of the Masons, but their organization is shrouded in such secrecy and symbolism, some would claim that is pure conjecture. It is theorized that a group of these Confederate Masons called themselves the Knights Templar stole or hid the $200,000 in Confederate treasury money because they did not believe the war would remain over, and some believe the money is still guarded awaiting a second Civil Unrest. The real question is, Who would still, 100 years later, be guarding this money and why?

Grant that there are several groups out there at this time, planning for some Revolutionary uprising, but they are considered radicalists and zealots, defying even the most simplest of laws and considered by most to be nothing more than common criminals. But are there groups, every day men, members of a church and the PTA who have a secret agenda, passed down from their grandfathers, guarding money, awaiting some big “Grand Poobah” to say start digging? Perhaps because of their secrecy, we won’t know unless it comes true.


January 17, 2011 - Posted by | Financial, History

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