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Jimmy Hoffa: Where in the world?

On July 31, 1975, 38 years ago today, James Riddle Hoffa disappeared and has never been heard from again. Jimmy Hoffa was an American labor leader, and became head of the Teamsters in 1957. There was great animosity with Hoffa and then US attorney general, Robert Kennedy, and many claim that Bobby Kennedy was “out to get Hoffa”. He went to prison for bribery, but his sentence was commuted by president Richard Nixon with the deal he would not have ties with the unions for 10 years. He planned to fight this ruling in court  when he disappeared from a parking lot of a restaurant in Detroit, MI, he was thought to be a victim of a mafia hit.

Conspiracy theorists claim the Kennedy’s were also involved with the mafia and some claim Bobby Kennedy had the mafia exact his revenge on the teamster. Hoffa’s body has never been found. Many theorize where Hoffa was buried. Some even believe he’s buried at Giant’s stadium. Others believe he was put into witness protection after rolling on the mob.

The truth is, nobody knows, and those who do aren’t talking.




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